My Journey

The seeds of Aadya – The Divine Oil Collection were sown in a dermatologist’s waiting room nearly 10 years ago. I was waiting in the room to see yet another dermatologist who would look at the marks on my skin and give a diagnose that I had heard before – “Your skin type is more prone to pigmentation and there isn’t much you can do.”

Frustrated with their opinions and tired of always being self-conscious in my own skin (not to mention disappointed with trying everything from harsh chemicals to air-brush foundation; European waxing treatments to laser therapy), I decided to take charge and started making my own therapeutic essential oil blends. With each use, my skin healed and I was making custom-made blends for friends and family.

In the meantime, I pursued my certification in esthetics and advanced skin care and started providing my services to a local theatre and dance companies.  My clients would often complain about their skin. Often I also heard how all skin treatments were just so expensive!

 Soon, I found myself handcrafting curative blends from finest, organic natural products and was thrilled with their results. 
I am thankful to those who have tried my products and come back for more!

My deep desire to make everyone look and feel radiant, along with my certification has helped me create Aadya – The Divine Oil Collection. You will find these blends to not only be affordable but also highly beneficial. I hope you enjoy my carefully crafted creations to reveal a beaming you – every day.  Bringing nature closer to you.

Founder, Aadya

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